ACCEO The Association of Caravan & Camping Exempted Organisations is a group of over 200 rallying clubs all of whom hold a Certificate of Exemption. A Committee is elected from Association Members to represent the combined interests of the clubs at all levels.

Car Cruiser Owners Club This is a club for car Cruiser Caravans made by O.G. Lywood and later by Cooper Coachworks. These classic caravans are few in number being hand made rather than on a production line. The club was formed in 1963 but underwent a relaunch in 1973. Car Cruiser caravans were first made in 1920 and are one of the earliest makes of touring caravan. The club is small and friendly with an interest in keeping the name of Car Cruiser alive for future generations to enjoy. Anyone owning a Car Cruiser or Cooper Coachworks caravan is welcome to join.

Cheltenham Owners Club
A website dedicated to Cheltenham Caravans from 1919 to the 1970s including a brief history, maintenance tips a lots of other useful information.

Carlight Owners Club
The club was formed in 1962 as a focus for Carlight enthusiasts. We welcome anyone with an interest in Carlight Caravans to join. There is a small section on this site for all those interested in the history of Carlight Caravans and a useful section on serial numbers.

Carlight Enthusiasts Club The Carlight Enthusiasts Club was formed in 1990 to encourage the owners of Carlight caravans to gather socially and enjoy the spirit of caravanning and meet friends with similar interests. This is achieved by a series of rallies held during the year from Easter until late Autumn, usually about 15 annually, one of which coincides with the Factory Open Day. They are held throughout the country visiting many places of interest.

The Carlight Collection A site maintained by J Hodgson & Sons which has a great deal of interesting historical data on Carlight Caravans.

Old Classic Car - Home to motoring's geriatrics
An introduction to classic caravans and motorhomes.

Belgian Old Timer Caravan Club
Caters for Camping
equipment (tent, caravan, trailer tent, camper) older than 25 years. Site has lots of information and back copies of their magazine.

RĂ©tro Camping Club de France
The RCCF, established in 1995, is an association law 1901, which aims to save and use old equipment camping and caravanning, in a spirit of friendship and conviviality among its members. The object of this organisation is to encourage friendship between fans of classic and authentic camping equipment (caravans, tents, campers, etc...) and the use and conservation of this equipment.

Thomson Caravans History & Information
Thomson Caravans History & Information is a resource site run by Graham Thompson featuring History and helpful information for both the Thomson Caravan Owner and those who have a general interest in older caravans and their maintenance.

British Pathe' have released better quality film clips from their extensive newsreel archive. There are many showing caravanning from days gone by. Really worth a look.