Why Pre-1961

The Historic Caravan Club works within it's published display code and ages, which are detailed on the Display Code page.

The limiting dates therein are fixed i.e. not rolling dates and will remain at 1960 for full eligibility and will not extend beyond 1970 in any event. This is essential in order to preserve the quality of displays and encourage members to undertake the rescue, restoration and display of historic caravans rather than allow a gradual degrading of displays and club image at the expense of the important historic caravans.

The club is also striving to provide high quality displays in order to promote the movement in the right way. Any caravans of members applying to exhibit in the club name must be in good condition and well presented. (The only exception being point 3)"Unrestored or part restored caravans (to show how they are found) should be pre 1961 only. These should be limited to one only per display and have the agreement of the show organisers.) Co-ordinators and stand organisers can refuse any which they feel will reflect badly on the club. Members must also obtain permission from Co-ordinator / Organiser if they wish to exhibit a different caravan from that booked in. Members should also advise as soon as possible if they are unable to attend.

The club welcomes new members who already own historic caravans, or are prepared to become custodians of rare and historic caravans that are offered to members from time to time in the the "Wanderer".