HCC Display Code

In order to maintain a standard of display which will promote the aims and image of the club the following code shall apply when mounting a display for public view under the club name.

Caravans must be built prior to January 1961. Exceptions (Subject to committee and show organisers approval):-

  • Rare, high quality, well presented post 1960 caravans. However no later than December 1970 unless there are exceptional circumstances. The number of such caravans in any display may be limited.
  • Preference will be given to exhibits which include an interesting display of historic caravan information.
  • Caravans should be restored to (as near as is practicable) original specification and to a reasonable standard.

Unrestored or part restored caravans (to show how they are found) should be pre-1961 only. These should be limited to one only per display and have the agreement of the show organisers.

Replicas must carry a notice that says they are as such.

Customised caravans should not be displayed under the club name: this is contrary to the purpose and aim of the club.

Non display, club only, rallies may be attended in any caravan.

Annual or National Club rallies may be attended in any caravan although display caravans are preferred, however public and press may be invited. In view of this non-display caravans will be sited separately from the display caravans.

At major display rallies members are encouraged to dress to match the era of their exhibit.