Buying a Historic Caravan

Good historic caravans are quite hard to find now. Many that were restored in recent times and used and shown have fallen into bad ownership and deteriorated or even been lost. It is a constant battle to try to minimise this. We hope as a club that promoting the movement will help turn this around.

This is another good reason for maintaining and preserving our display code. It is easy to find and show a post 1960 or 1970 caravan to the detriment of older and rarer examples. These older examples can never be replaced and need to be the aim of the committed Historic caravanner. In the absence of a dedicated museum the only way is for individuals to care for them.

Now and then caravans are offered for sale in various publications or on the web. Many of these are erroneously described especially regarding ages. Most are suggested to be older than they are. One example of this was a mid 70s Sprite being implied to be 50s. Some home made caravans are being offered as genuine rare proprietary makes.


Our club historian will be more than happy to advise if you are considering buying a classic or historic caravan. It does the movement or your pocket no good to have the circuit flooded by false examples.

You can email our historian here or members can contact via telephone (number in Wanderer).